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Stay Sound

Stay Sound Uptite Clay Poultice 5Kg

Stay Sound Uptite Clay Poultice 5Kg

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Introducing the Stay Sound Uptite Clay Poultice 5Kg - the ultimate solution for equine comfort and recovery.

• Soothes and supports: This clay poultice is specially formulated to provide effective relief for tired, sore muscles and joints.
• Powerful properties: The unique blend of natural ingredients helps to reduce inflammation and promote healing, ensuring your horse stays sound and comfortable.
• Easy to apply: With its smooth texture and easy-to-use formula, applying the poultice is a breeze. Simply spread it evenly over the affected area and let the magic begin.
• Versatile application: Whether it's post-workout recovery, injury management, or general maintenance, this poultice is a must-have in every equine first aid kit.
• Trusted quality: Stay Sound is a renowned brand known for its commitment to equine health and wellbeing. Rest assured, you're getting a premium product that delivers results.

Give your horse the care it deserves with the Stay Sound Uptite Clay Poultice 5Kg. Order now and experience the difference!

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