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Torwood Farms Mini Oaten Bale 22L

Torwood Farms Mini Oaten Bale 22L

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Introducing the Torwood Farms Mini Oaten Bale 22L - the perfect choice for small animal bedding! 🌾🐰

• Premium Quality: Crafted with care, this mini oaten bale is made from the finest quality oats, ensuring superior comfort and absorbency for your furry friends.
• Compact Size: With its 22L capacity, this mini bale is ideal for small pet enclosures, providing a cozy and snug environment for your beloved pets.
• Natural and Sustainable: Made from 100% natural oats, this bedding is free from harmful chemicals, making it safe for your pets and the environment.
• Easy to Use: Simply open the bale and spread the soft, fluffy oats in your pet's habitat. The compact size makes it convenient to handle and store.
• Versatile: Not just for bedding, this mini oaten bale can also be used as a natural forage for small animals, promoting their natural instincts and providing additional enrichment.
• Long-lasting: Despite its small size, this mini bale is packed with oats, ensuring long-lasting freshness and value for money.

Give your furry friends the comfort they deserve with the Torwood Farms Mini Oaten Bale 22L. Order now and make their habitat a cozy haven! 🐾🌿

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