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Red Gorilla Tubtrug

Tubtrug Drip Feed Balls Purple

Tubtrug Drip Feed Balls Purple

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Looking for a fun and engaging toy for your horse? Look no further than the Tubtrug Drip Feed Balls in Purple! 🟣🐴 Made by Red Gorilla Tubtrug, these durable and vibrant balls are designed to keep your equine friend entertained for hours on end. Fill the ball with your horse's favorite treats or feed, and watch as they roll it around, trying to release the delicious rewards hidden inside. With the clever drip-feed design, the treats are released gradually, keeping your horse engaged and motivated for longer periods. Plus, the easy-to-clean surface ensures hassle-free maintenance. Turn mealtime into playtime and prevent boredom-related behaviors with the Tubtrug Drip Feed Balls in Purple. Order now and let the fun begin! 🟣🐴

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