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Red Gorilla Tubtrug

Tubtrug Medium 26L Black

Tubtrug Medium 26L Black

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Introducing the Tubtrug Medium 26L Black - the ultimate horse feeder designed by Red Gorilla Tubtrug. Practical, versatile, and built to last, this medium-sized Tubtrug is a must-have for every horse owner. With a generous capacity of 26 liters, it can hold ample amounts of hay, grains, or pellets, ensuring your horses are well-fed and satisfied. Crafted from sturdy materials, it can handle the weight and movements of even the most spirited horses. The flexible design allows for effortless pouring and scooping, while the smooth surface ensures quick and hassle-free cleaning. Not only is this Tubtrug perfect for feeding horses, but it can also be used for various other tasks around the stable, making it a valuable addition to any equestrian setup. The sleek black color adds a touch of elegance to your stable, effortlessly blending in with any decor. Invest in the Tubtrug Medium 26L Black today and ensure your horses are always well-fed and content.

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