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Value Plus

Value Plus Electrolyte 2 Paste 60Ml

Value Plus Electrolyte 2 Paste 60Ml

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Boost your horse's performance and keep them in peak condition with the Value Plus Electrolyte 2 Paste 60Ml. Specially formulated by Value Plus, this remarkable paste replenishes vital minerals lost during intense exercise, hot weather, or periods of stress. With a balanced blend of electrolytes, it enhances hydration, prevents dehydration, and promotes faster recovery after exertion. The convenient 60ml syringe allows for precise dosage and hassle-free application. Trusted by the equestrian community, Value Plus delivers real results. Suitable for all horses, this paste is a must-have for competitive athletes and beloved companions alike. Don't let electrolyte imbalances hold your horse back. Give them the Value Plus Electrolyte 2 Paste 60Ml and watch them thrive!

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