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Value Plus

Value Plus Hydracel Electrolyte 5Kg *Spec Ord*

Value Plus Hydracel Electrolyte 5Kg *Spec Ord*

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Introducing the Value Plus Hydracel Electrolyte 5Kg *Spec Ord*, the ultimate horse vitamin and supplement for optimal hydration and performance! Boost your horse's electrolyte levels and give them the winning edge with this specially formulated supplement. Designed to replenish vital minerals lost during intense exercise or hot weather, it helps maintain proper hydration, preventing dehydration and fatigue. Supporting muscle function and aiding in recovery after strenuous workouts, it's ideal for performance horses, eventing, endurance, and racing. Trusted by horse owners and trainers worldwide, this easy-to-administer powder form supplement is known for its quality and effectiveness. Order now and witness the difference in your horse's performance and overall well-being!

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