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Vetafarm Avicare Concentrate 5L

Vetafarm Avicare Concentrate 5L

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Introducing Vetafarm Avicare Concentrate 5L - the ultimate solution for bird health and hygiene. 🐦✨

• Powerful concentrate: This 5L bottle is packed with the perfect blend of ingredients to keep your feathered friends in top condition.

• Effective disinfectant: Avicare Concentrate is specially formulated to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites, ensuring a clean and safe environment for your birds.

• Easy to use: Simply dilute the concentrate with water and apply to cages, perches, and surfaces to eliminate harmful pathogens.

• Gentle on feathers: Unlike harsh chemicals, Avicare Concentrate is gentle on feathers, making it suitable for all bird species.

• Trusted brand: Vetafarm is a leading name in avian health, trusted by bird enthusiasts and professionals worldwide.

Give your birds the care they deserve with Vetafarm Avicare Concentrate 5L. Order now and watch your feathered friends thrive! 🌿🦜

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