Vetafarm Parrot B Calm 2Kg

Vetafarm Parrot B Calm 2Kg

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Introducing Vetafarm Parrot B Calm 2Kg - the ultimate solution for a calm and contented parrot! 🦜✨

• Specially formulated to promote relaxation and reduce stress in parrots.
• Contains a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to support your feathered friend's well-being.
• Helps to soothe nervous behaviors and encourage a sense of tranquility.
• Ideal for birds experiencing anxiety due to changes in their environment or routine.
• Easy to administer - simply mix with your parrot's food or water.
• Trusted by parrot owners worldwide for its effectiveness and quality.
• Give your parrot the peace of mind they deserve with Vetafarm Parrot B Calm 2Kg!

Don't let stress ruffle your parrot's feathers. Order now and experience the difference! 🌟🐦

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