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Whistler Percher Treat - Tropical Sunflower 925G

Whistler Percher Treat - Tropical Sunflower 925G

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Introducing the Whistler Percher Treat - Tropical Sunflower 925G! 🌺🐦

Give your feathered friends a taste of paradise with this irresistible bird treat made by Whistler. Packed with tropical sunflower goodness, this 925g treat is sure to become a favourite among your avian companions.

• Delightful tropical sunflower flavour: Transport your birds to a tropical oasis with the delectable taste of sunflower seeds. This enticing flavour will have them flocking to their perches in excitement.

• Nutritious and wholesome: Whistler understands the importance of providing your birds with a balanced diet. That's why this treat is not only delicious but also packed with essential nutrients to support their overall health and well-being.

• Perfect for all bird species: Whether you have parakeets, cockatiels, or lovebirds, this treat is suitable for a wide range of bird species. Treat your feathered friends to a snack they'll love.

• Convenient 925g size: With a generous 925g size, this treat ensures you have plenty to go around. It's perfect for bird owners with multiple feathered companions or those who simply want to stock up.

Elevate your bird's snacking experience with the Whistler Percher Treat - Tropical Sunflower 925G. Order now and watch your birds indulge in a tropical feast like no other! 🌴🥜🐦

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