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Wound Wax

Wound Wax 50 Gram

Wound Wax 50 Gram

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Wound Wax is nature’s first aid kit in a jar. This all-natural salve uses the healing powers of honey and beeswax to create a protective barrier over wounds, locking in moisture and speeding healing. Its anti-inflammatory properties soothe skin and reduce irritation while vitamin A helps skin regenerate. Whether you have a scratch, cut, abrasion, or incision, Wound Wax provides an ideal environment for skin to mend itself. The water-resistant yet breathable beeswax formula maintains the ideal level of hydration for recovery. For horses, dogs or any animal companions, Wound Wax offers a safe, chemical-free solution for minor injuries. Keep a jar in your tack room, kennel or medicine cabinet and you’ll never have to worry about keeping wounds clean and comfortable again. Mother Nature’s cure for life’s little cuts and scrapes, Wound Wax helps your whole herd heal. This is a 50 gram pot.
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