Zamipet Dental Sticks Adult Med/Large Dogs 200G

Zamipet Dental Sticks Adult Med/Large Dogs 200G

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Introducing Zamipet Dental Sticks for Adult Med/Large Dogs! 🐶🦷

Keep your furry friend's dental health in top shape with our specially formulated dental sticks. Designed for medium to large dogs, these sticks are packed with goodness to promote fresh breath and strong teeth.

• Dental hygiene: Our dental sticks are a great way to maintain your dog's oral health. The unique shape and texture help remove plaque and tartar buildup, reducing the risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

• Delicious and nutritious: Your pup will love the irresistible taste of these dental sticks. Made with high-quality ingredients, they provide a satisfying chew while delivering essential nutrients for overall wellbeing.

• Fresh breath: Say goodbye to doggy breath! Our dental sticks are infused with natural mint and parsley extracts, leaving your dog's breath smelling fresh and clean.

• Easy to use: Simply give your dog one dental stick a day to support their dental hygiene routine. The convenient packaging ensures freshness and makes it easy to grab on the go.

Invest in your dog's dental health with Zamipet Dental Sticks for Adult Med/Large Dogs. Give them a treat they'll enjoy while promoting a healthier smile! 🐾🦷

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