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Our pets may be completely domesticated nowadays, but their bodies and instincts have much deeper origins. For example, dogs used to keep their nails from overgrowing simply by moving across rough terrain. Today, such surfaces may be harder to find, especially with dogs that spend plenty of time indoors.

Here, even the most devoted dog lovers must give the advantage to cats. A cat will instinctively look for a material to grind its nails on, which can sometimes be quite detrimental to the house furniture. Yet, dogs don’t have the same instinct and aren’t in the habit of doing their own pedicure.

Instead, we as dog owners must get our pet’s nails in order ourselves. And we can’t do so with common nail files – we need a specialised tool for the job.

Pet Parlour offers several professional-grade dog nail grinders that will get your dog’s paws in top condition. There are extra-affordable options like the lightweight Floofi USB Nail Grinder, which is easy to carry and features completely silent action to not startle your pup.

You may opt for a more heavy-duty type, like the Ultimate Dog Nail Grinder instead. This more robust product also has the advantage of USB charging, which means you can use a charger, power bank, or even your laptop to recharge the battery.

Finally, if you want a professional product, the Andis CNG-1 Nail Grinder is available, along with a set of spare grinding and finishing stones in the form of the Andis CNG-1 Nail Grinder Replacement pack. Check out the Pet Parlour catalogue to view and compare all products and pick the one that fits your needs best.